Thanks for taking the time to visit our web site. We create handcrafted writing instruments utilizing wood; acrylic; antler and other materials. These materials undergo several steps prior to being turned on a lathe to appropriate shape and final assembly. Each pen is tested and comes with the first refill. All refills are readily available at office supply stores or stationary stores and from us. More in the pen page. Click on the images to make them larger. If you have problems expanding the photos, please use Google Chrome or Firefox browser. 

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Ready for the delivery of this limited edition pen. The pen is handcrafted from the NMSU Lou Henson Court. The basketball court at the NMSU Pan Am Center was named in honor of coach Lou Henson in 2002 and later removed during a remodeling of the center. Triple D Woodworks has been awarded an exclusive agreement with the present owner of the court to handcraft pens from the wood. A portion of our profit will go back to the NMSU athletics program by way of the 6th man club.

Rollerball pens are only $129.95. Each pen has an unique serial number, certificate of authenticity and will come in a gift box. If we need to ship, the cost will be $8.00.

Contact us to purchase or reserve your serial number

This pen is also crafted from the NMSU Lou Henson Court. The pen is for those that do not have a need for the limited addition or it better fits the budget, priced at $89.95.It is not a limited edition, does not have a serial number' certificate and the gift box is an option. It is a ballpoint using a standard Parker style refill( first refill included). It is in stock and ready to deliver. Optional gift box $6. If we need to ship it would be $8 anywhere in the US.

NMSU Lou Henson Court: On April 29, 2019 Triple D Woodworks signed an exclusive agreement with the owner of the NMSU Lou Henson Basketball court flooring to handcraft and market a limited addition pen out of the actual flooring. In 2002 NMSU named the basketball court in honor of Coach Lou Henson. When the court was removed, it was auctioned and sold to Wanda Bowman. Our agreement is with Wanda Bowman and a portion of our profits from the pen will go back to NMSU Athletics by way of "The 6th Man Club" The picture below is one of the pens that has not been engraved yet. The engraving will read "NMSU Lou Henson Court" and each pen will have a serial number. There will less than 1,000 of these pens handcrafted. For more information, please e-mail us at [email protected] or call us at 575-202-5090. 

This custom memory box was created from curly maple hardwood with walnut accents. This one has a wedding invitation framed with acid free double matting under the glass. This hinges are solid milled brass with built in stops to hold the lid open at about 95 degrees. The bottom of the box is lined with faux suede. Special order starting at $120. contact us for your pricing.

This pen required us to insert the 50 stars one at a time along with each stripe. The pieces are cut using a laser. Once all the parts are together, the blanks are turned on the lathe. The blanks then get 9 or 10 coats of CA Glue, sanded through a 9 step process and polished to a high gloss finish. The metal parts are Rhodium and 22k Gold plate. This one is shown as a fountain pen, although it is available as a rollerball also. It comes with a fitted wood box. Sells for only $225. Contact us for availability.

Another patriotic pen using the laser inlay process. Each part is placed and glue in before turning the blank. Yes there are 50 stars and 13 stripes in this pen. The metal parts have an antique brass finish. There is "God Bless America" on the center band, and eagle and flag on the clip and proudly states USA on the top finial. Sells for only $100 Contact us for availability. 

A prefect gift for a Doctor! Curly Maple pen barrel with a laser inlaid Caduceus. The pen is chrome and satin chrome. It uses a Parker style refill that is widely available. The pen comes in a blue velvet gift box. Has MD lettering or can be ordered with other letters. Comes in a Blue Velvet gift box

$81.00 contact us for availability.

Beautiful Sonoran Sunset/Retro Rollerball Pen, trimmed in 22k Gold and Rhodium Plate. The Trustone blank is made up of Chrysocolla and Red Sedona rock. Comes in a Blue Velvet gift box.      $215.00 Special Order

Chrome Bolt action Ballpoint Pen. Can be crafted from antler; wood or acrylic. Comes in gift box. Contact us for available options.


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