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What started out as a means of forgetting the challenges of the work day has turned into a retirement business for my wife and myself.

Triple D Woodworks was founded in 2004 by Dennis & Donna Dickey creating small novelty items out of wood. In 2006, we evolved into creating wood and acrylic turned writing instruments including pens and pencils, each handcrafted with pride and care. Triple D Woodworking is proud to have pen collectors around the world including India; Austria; the Philippines; New Zealand; Saudi Arabia; Germany; Canada; Italy; France; and many in the United States who have our pens as a part of their collection of fine writing instruments.

Wooden keepsake boxes were added to our product line as requests were made. Boxes offered now include jewelry; tea; collector items; as well as burial urns for lost loved ones. Triple D Woodworks utilizes high quality domestic and exotic woods for the boxes. Often two or more contrasting woods will be used in the same box. Some of the woods include Oak; Maple; Black Walnut; Bloodwood; Mahogany; Peruvian Walnut; along with others.

Each piece of wood is unique. Even wood from the same board can show different grain and color.